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Beyond pet services

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Riverside Cottage
Brompton on Swale
North Yorkshire
DL10 7HF

About Us

Beyond pet service is ran by Matthew Davies we are fully insured and police checked offering Dog Walking, Pet and house sitting, Doggy day care, Photography and more.

Dog Walking
We understand that dogs require a stimulating active lifestyle to remain both physically fit and mentally stimulated, daily walks result in happy content dogs, our hour long pack walks are a ideal opportunity to socialise your dog, while allowing him to burn off that pent up energy in a fun safe environment, meaning you come home to a relaxed, fulfilled companion.

Our walks are structured to meet the needs of your dog. We walk no more than four dogs at any one time, your dog will only be let off his leash in suitable places with your prior consent. Un-neutered and dog aggressive animals will be walked on a one on one basis, we will reinforce your dogs basic commands such as come, stay, sit, and heal.

Home visits
offer home visits for your dog, cat, small animal and exotic. We will feed, water, and allow your pet to relieve its self, we will also meet any other requirements you may have while your away such as, collecting mail, opening curtains, watering plants ect. Ensuring everything is as you left it upon your return.

Doggy Daycare
We provide doggy day care between the hours of 8.00 am and 6.00 pm. We will collect and drop your dog off at pre arranged times. While in our care your pet will be socialised with humans and other dogs of all ages and sizes.
He will be walked, fed and watered to your normal schedule.

This service is especially useful for mischievous puppies and young dogs that require a lot of daily attention that cant be left alone for long periods.

We will provide house training, socialisation, play and teach basic commands, providing you with a daily report card at the end of each day, enabling you to see how your little one is progressing.

We aim to ensure your puppy grows to be a loyal, friendly, well rounded companion to you and your family.


We have close ties with a local professional photographer so we are able to offer our customers a discounted service on pet portraits and photo shoots. We can arrange these to take place in your own home or location of your choice, alternatively you can visit our purpose built studio in central Middlesbrough.

We can work with all species from dogs to snakes, large or small.
All images can be supplied via a disc to upload to a computer ready for printing. Alternatively, we can supply prints on canvas or paper of various sizes, printed to the highest quality, guaranteed to last a lifetime.

We have succesfuly kept and bred various species of Reptiles and invertabrates, previously owning and running Living Earth Exotics in Middlesbrough,We offer a consultation service on the proper care of Reptiles so you can be certain you are meeting your chosen pets needs, what ever the problem get in touch and we can help.

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