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Helenz Petz

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11 West Street
West Yorkshire

About Us

Welcome to HELENZ PETZ!

I offer a personal and friendly pet care and dog walking service in Wakefield (West Yorkshire) and surrounding areas.

Being an animal owner myself I know the problems that come with going away for a week or even a weekend and leaving your pets behind. Who is going to feed the guinea pigs/ rabbits whilst we are away? Who will keep them company? Will my cat be happy in the cattery I have chosen? Or maybe you work long hours - Is my dog okay at home during the day?? These are all questions I am sure you have asked, and I have asked myself many a time!!

With my service I can look after your small caged pets in my own home. They will get all the attention that you would normally give them. They will also be cleaned out and ready for your return (one less thing to do when you get back!) Or if you would prefer I can come to your home to feed and clean out your small animals.

With my service I will visit your cat in your home twice a day. I will feed your cat, clean out the litter tray and the cost will also include me spending time with your pet - I won't just be in and out in a few minutes.

I also can visit dogs in their own homes - if you have a long working day and need someone to pop in, let your dog out, give it some company, just break up a long day then please call.

The other service I offer is dog walking. These are not group walks, these are individual walks just for your dog. Whether you are out early in a morning at work and returning late at night and are pushed for time, whether you are unable to walk your own dog, whether your dog would benefit from an extra walk during the day - this service could be of help to you.

I can house small dogs at my own home - please call for further details.

I have a genuine love for animals and look after every animal as I look after my own. When spending time with your pets I enjoy it just as much as they do!

I am fully CRB checked as I am a part time teacher in an infant school. I can therefore also provide reliable character references if you so require.

I also offer a house sitting facility (no pets) for when you are on holiday and want to give your house that 'lived in' look. I will visit twice daily, open curtains, remove mail, water plants, put out bins, close curtains, turn lights on/off -whatever you need. Just knowing someone is checking on your house offers peace of mind.


Small pet care - 25 per week - please contact me if you have more than one cage - BIG discounts for more than one pet in my home (or 5 per day in your own home - regardless of the number of cages).

Cat care in your home - from 7 per day (one visit) to 10 per day (two visits). NO extra charge for more than one cat.

Dog walking - 5 per half hour walk, 10 per hour walk.

Dog visiting - from 7 per day (I will spend time at your house with your dog/s).

I can also house small dogs at my home at a cost of 10 per night.

House sitting - from 7 per day (2 visits).

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