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The Happy Hound Dog Walking

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Finella View
High Street, Auchenblae
AB30 1WR

About Us

The Happy Hound is run by me, Mark Sabine. I put my degree and corporate career behind me to focus on the animals that I am so very passionate about.

I offer a versatile range of dog walking, day care, pet feeding and boarding services in Aberdeenshire. I am fully insured and have professional, as well as personal, dog care experience.

I have used pet care services for over 5 years myself in the past, so I know first hand what makes the difference between a good and a great service. My dogs have been my absolute priority since day one and, if you are anything like me, then when you are away from your own pets you'll be concerned about those little details that only you know - whether he prefers the red ball or the blue one, what radio station should be left on in the house and at exactly which volume, which dogs he'll play with and which he ought to avoid, what side of the bed he likes to sleep on.... Ok, so maybe that last one isn't strictly necessary for everybody to know, but you get the picture! I pride myself on taking these little details seriously and offering a truly personal/tailored approach to you and your canine companion/s.

I have both personal and professional dog care experience, so whatever you need to throw at me is fine - I've probably seen something similar before! When I rescued my Dobermann some 6 or 7 years ago he was an absolute nightmare both inside and outside of the house. It was almost impossible to remain upright whilst walking him, he was destructive, displayed signs of nervous aggression and suffered with separation anxiety! Now, however, he is a dream dog! Sure he can still pull on the lead a bit when he gets excited, and may bark at the odd dog he doesn't know, but he is totally different to the dog I adopted and this has been achieved by a lengthy process of working on/training the elements I could change and managing those that I couldn't. If you have a difficult dog to handle then don't be afraid to get in touch - I've been there and know how hard it is to find a dog walker that a) you can trust and b) is prepared to work with the dog!Not all of my knowledge is based around difficult dogs - I also own a delightful Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Denny and she has always been a perfectly behaved poochy princess!

Beyond this, prior to launching The Happy Hound I worked for the dog handling unit of an organisation in Surrey. They were recognised by the DFT as the 'centre of excellence' for REST testing (explosive scent tracing with sniffer dogs basically!) and I worked with a team of 14 dogs here, some well trained and well adjusted, and others still very much on a learning curve and new to both kennel and working environments. I dealt with everything here on a daily basis - the diggers, the barkers, the bed-wetters, the team-players and the 'walk-me-on-my-own's', those that didn't know their own strength and played too rough, those that had poor recall and those with no recall at all!

I know better than anyone that dogs are just as individual, and have just
as many quirks, as you or I. If you want an honest, experienced and personal dog walking / pet care service then look no further than The Happy Hound

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