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EquiEms Equine & Canine Body Worker

Rating of 4.92 out of 5

About Us

Specialising in sports massage for horses and dogs. Sports Massage can be helpful in numerous ways and is particular good for working animals or those rehabilitating from injuries.

However it is also useful for nervous and anxious animals or if you just want to treat your pet to an all round feel good body worker.

I also over 1 2 1 consultation for puppy and dog training and behavioural issues in horses and dogs - I have over 25 years experience.

I will shortly be offering group training sessions for dogs/pups - these will be based around fun learning sessions and expecting good manners from your dog in and around the house with other animals and people- I will also be running courses for children to ensure their interaction with dogs is a positive one. Ring for more details - venue to be confirmed

I pride myself of an excellent personal servive and in the knowledge that you could contact any of my clients for a reference

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Summary of Reviews

EquiEms Equine & Canine Body Worker has been reviewed 4 times. Click here to write a review.
Quality:Rating of 5.00 out of 5
Value for Money:Rating of 4.75 out of 5
Customer Service:Rating of 5.00 out of 5

Rating of 5 out of 5
First class service
Ms McDonald Reviewed on 12th August, 2013

I can't praise Emma enough would highly recommend her services. One of my dogs was lame but a through massage from Emma he was soon running round like a puppy again! He went from grumpy uncomfortable vocal k9 to putty in her hands within a few minutes work with her magic hands positively purring he relaxed so much he was finding it hard to stay upright! It was amazing to see highly recommended.

Rating of 4.67 out of 5
Highly recommended
Mrs Dossor Reviewed on 7th August, 2013

I had Emma out for my horse after seeing her work with a friends horse and being extremely impressed with the progress the horse made after Emma had worked with him. I went for the ridden assessment and Emma spent a long time working with my horse on the ground afterwards explaining what she was doing all the while and why. My mare is incredibly nervous but appeared to have a personality change after Emma had worked with her - she was so relaxed and comfortable with Emma which is unusual. Although the treatment for my mare is ongoing I would definitely recommend Emma to anyone as I am confident she will improve my horses way of going and make her feel better - thank you Emma!!

Rating of 5 out of 5
Highly recommended
Mrs tiffin Reviewed on 6th August, 2013

I bought a horse that was extremely under developed, weak and stiff through out his back, neck, chest and rear. Literally he has improved almost 100% in just a few visits from Emma and us carrying out her instructions, "She is brilliant" she actually spends quite along time working on him when she visits, even our riding instructor is so impressed by what she has achieved with him that she has now swapped her back lady and is now booking Emma.. Thank you Emma for all the brilliant work you have done with Murphy. x

Rating of 5 out of 5
Miss Cooper Reviewed on 5th August, 2013

Absultly fantastic review from myself!.. Patient, gentle and very relaxed.. Emma worked wonders with my figety unhappy boy .. He was very uptight to start with after his treatment he was like a diffrent horse .. So chilled he nearly fell over stretching :).. Massive thumbs up from me x

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