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Cottontail Lodge

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Rabbit Boarding
112 Queens Road
CO10 1PQ

About Us

Cottontail Lodge is a peaceful 5* Rabbit Boarding Facility. Your rabbit is a very special member of your family and as such deserves a special place to stay when you are away, taking a well deserved break.
Here at Cottontail Lodge we do not use hutches. However, we offer two types of accommodation. We have The Burrow which is a separate 8ft x 6ft fully insulated and boarded out shed, with attached 8ft x 6ft x 3ft high run (accessed during the day via a pop hole). This is ideal for house bunnies, larger groups or bunnies that are used to a lot of space.
We also have 3 Pens. They are housed in a purpose built fully insulated and boarded out Lodge. We have 2 Pens measuring 7ft x 3ft 7ins and 1 Pen measuring 5ft x 5ft. All three Pens have roughly equal floor space. Each Pen has its own large run on concrete which is bolted to The Lodge. Access is gained through a pop hole and one has a specially made tunnel from the Pen. The pop hole is closed at night. Both The Lodge and The Burrow have heaters that will be used in the colder months which will keep the accommodations gently warm. All the runs will have plenty to keep your bunny occupied in tunnels, large logs, and things to climb on and when we have them Hazelnut or Apple Tree branches to chew on.
We provide meadow hay in litter trays and fill the hay racks with good quality Timothy Hay. Readigrass is provided daily (if you wish) so that your bunnies do not miss out not having grass in their runs. Keeping the runs on concrete is a far better way of keeping them clean and keeping your bunny healthy whilst they are with us. We can pressure wash, scrub and disinfect a concrete run. We cannot do that with grass. We supply copious amounts of good quality Timothy Hay and Meadow Hay on demand and fresh vegetables, herbs and forage are also supplied daily.
All we ask is that you bring with you enough of your rabbits usual pelleted feed

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