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Anglia Poultry

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Railway Farm,Station Road
NR19 1RD

About Us

Anglia Poultry Dereham !
Specialists in pure bred poultry and waterfowl. We are a family run business with lots of experience and knowledge in poultry and waterfowl. We are based on the outskirts of Dereham in Norfolk. Point of lay, Day old chicks, Hatching eggs and single birds (If required). Also stockist's of high quality feeders, Drinkers and other poultry equipment. Call Tom for more information and free advice.

Breeds: Large Fowl- Aracanna, Legbar, Brahama, Cochin, Dorking, Faverolle, Frizzle, Leghorn, Maran, Poland, Silkie, Sussex, Welesummer, Wyandotte. Bantam's - Ancona, Austrolorpe, Botted, Belgians, Dutch, German langshan, Modern game, New hampshire red, Pekin, Poland, Silkie, Sumatra, Sussex, Rhode island red, Welesummer, Wyandotte. Turkeys- Bourbon red, Bronze and Norolk Black. Geese- African, American buff, Chinease, Embden, Pilgrim, Sebastopol, Toulouse, West of England. Ducks- Aylesbury, Black East India, Call, Indian Runner, Miniature Indian Runners, Muscovy, German Pekin, Rouen And Saxony. Rhea's, Peafowl, 10 Types Of Pigeon, Emu, Guinea Fowl, Quail and Meet Birds.

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