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Rescue Helpers Unite - volunteer with animals

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Nationwide organisation
North Humberside
YO16 7DY

About Us

We're looking for volunteers to help UK animal rescues with dog, cat and small animal fostering, animal transporting, fundraising, homechecking and more - can you help?

Every year in the UK, hundreds of thousands of animals pass through the rescue system and animal rescues large and small rely on the help of volunteers to save animals lives, because many of these animals are at serious risk of euthanisation if no help comes forward.

Sadly, the UK still has a serious problem with animal overbreeding and a frightening amount of household pets are euthanised each year, simply because they've been abandoned or are 'surplus to requirements'.

Rescue Helpers Unite was set up in 2007 to provide an online community where rescues and volunteers could work together to save more animals. Rescues from all over the UK use the RHU forum to post requests for help with tasks such as animal fostering and transporting, fundraising, homechecking and advertising animals in need of adoption.

Rescue Helpers Unite are appealing to the UK's animal lovers to offer their time as volunteers so that more animals may be saved. It's completely free to register and the service is 100% free for rescues and volunteers.

The majority of requests for help are for dogs and cats, but they also receive requests for help with small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs and occasionally even farm animals and wildlife.

Animal fostering is a really rewarding way to get involved. Volunteers provide a temporary home for an animal whilst they await their new 'forever home'. This means a more comfortable transition for the animals, especially dogs, who can become distressed if made to spend a long period in kennels after becoming used to life in a home.

Transport volunteers are essential for many rescues who don't have the resources to travel across the country to pick up animals in need.

A lot of the work done at Rescue Helpers Unite involves helping dogs from UK pounds - dogs on 'death row' with only 7 days to be reclaimed after being picked up as strays, after which time the dog becomes the property of the Local Authority and they can legally euthanise them if they so
choose (and sadly some do).

Naturally this can result in urgent deadlines for the volunteers working to get dogs out of the pound and in to rescue before the dreaded 'put to sleep date' arrives.

If you'd like to get involved you can find out more or sign up on our website. Thank you.

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